Rani Drew

Anatomy of Migration

Older than time, migration is the story
of survival. Change and betterment,
desire and dreams put motion into feet.

The first stirrings begin in the brain. Reason
catalogues gains and losses, credits and
deficits. Movement becomes compelling.

New visions bring desires to the heart.
Collaborator of the brain, it fantasises
greener places on the other side of the globe.

Eyes become alert, spotting dangers before
they arise; stealth and caution rule the feet;
the alien speech ties the tongue to silence.

Hair, more passive than others, is the first
to protest at the change. Climate plays
the ruler; willowing tresses must straighten,

the growth made sparse, the sheen can’t stay.
The innards fail to cope: kidneys to filter liquids,
liver to process food, the body functions harden.

Turning native comes at a cost. The identity
is recorded and must not change or, asylum can
be withdrawn. Deportation is round the corner.

Rani Drew © 2008