Jonathan Mackenzie
Steve Mann

Donal Mahoney
Sean J. Mahoney
Robert Marsland
V. Martynovitch
Anthony Mason

Richie McCaffery
Michael McAlaron
Austin McCarron

John McKeown

David McLean
Joan McNerney
Stephen Mead

Joshua Meander
Nigel Mellor
Judith Mensch
Stephen Middleton
R.C. Miller

Ray Miller
James Mirarchi
Mark J. Mitchell
Elfriede Mollon
Adam Moorad
George Moore
Helen Moore
P.A. Morbid

Jim Morris
Alan Morrison

Keith Moul

Downtrodden; NEW: Return to Eden
world mental health; true friendship; Zymotic Capitalism; Sunday nineteen; Uncle Herod's Best; 3 Words
Caseworker Takes Notes; Griggs' Bar and Grill; NEW: A Critic Comes To Dinner
For a moment this afternoon; NEW: A Tangle of Mangroves
Buzzard; Sun and Rose
The Builder of Corrals; Sargent; Nobel
On the Subject of the Stars; Ephemerealms; Black Snow; If Shadows Could Bruise; Silent Movie in Black and White
turning; bittersweet; the night's laughter; NEW: Wound
Immigration; The Hypnotist; Great War Poem; NEW: The Torturer, Now Captive; In the Name of London; Soup Kitchen
Long-Term Relationships; The Spirit of Dublin; An Irish Funeral; Suburbia; Waitress in Cafe Imperial, Prague; The Hundred Years Sex War; Backbone of the Nation; Dodging the Virgin; Keeping Up; NEW: The Wild Sea; Not Working; Consanguinity; Silver Birch; The Straits; Florescence
when words shut up
Wintry Bouquet; December; Blue your eyes
NEW: Wrapping; I Sent a Letter to My Love; Paris Windmills; Vessel of Light;
Figura Rerum
Pagan Mass; Cry, Baby
The re-burial of Lord Haw Haw; At Times Like Spain; Opposition; Clouds; Interrogation
Assessment; I Closed Up the Summer Porch Today; Untitled #6
Panic in the Desert, 2013 (for Albert)
A Different War; Taxidermy for the Sportsman; Weird Flashlights in the Deer Feed; Thomas Edison Service Area; Their Pools
Analgesia; Donkey Jacket; NEW: Gone to the Country
The Animator; NEW: Syringes
Remembering the Sixties; Dialectic
There Was A War; Recondite Scourge; NEW: Autistic Innocence
silo; chinese dry-wall; NEW: Autistic Innocence
Two Lives; Map of the High Byang Sang, Tibet; Crossing into Afghanistan
Hedge Fund; capitalism, a sonnet
Street Life; Netherfields, Sunday 8th of April 2007; Dark in a bright place: Albert Park; A walk with my brother England; Identification; Haiku; My Friend; The Life of a Smackhead; Dole Day; EnCounter; Tempestuous Times; The Town Intellectual; NEW: Strange Meeting
Rats, Cats and Kings; Where Banshees Brought Me; Few Never Envy; My Life in the Shade; Tales of the Empty Larder; The Recusants; Wood Panel Parliament; Four Acrostics; Digger Hinges; Two Gloucestershire Mauves; Poem for Jeremy Corbyn; Light Shining in Lanarkshire
Consider It All; 3$ Bill; Elder Prerogative; NEW: Olympic Discovery Trail Monday Questions; Forest Disciple Stripped The Beak Penetrates; Midwesterner as Tourist; Las Vegas, Refuge
for a Christian Nation; NEW: Reconstruction, a Conversation

Poetry M - W

J.B. Mulligan

Jemma Murat
Jim Newcombe
James B. Nicola

Alistair Noon
Daniel North
Ashok Nyogi
Alan O'Brien
John O'Donoghue
Mary O'Dwyer
Liam O'Neill
Ruary O'Riochain
Sergio A. Ortiz
Matt Panesh
Ihor Pavlyuk

Neal Pearce
J.R. Pearson
Douglas Penick
Si Philbrook
Mair De-Gare Pitt
Kenneth Pobo
Douglas Polk
Frederick Pollack
John Porter
Steve Pottinger
Frank Praeger

Gillian Prew
Alan Price
Judith Quaempts

John Quicke
Mike Quille
Terence Quinn
Sam Rapth
Angela Readman
Patrick Reen
Philippa Rees
Kevin Reid
Moss Rich
Sally Richards

Jacob Richardson
Colin Robinson
Moya Roddy
Robert Ronnow
Anick Roschi

Lisa Rossetti
Pauline Rowe
M. Rua-Larsen
William Ruleman

Philip Ruthen
Bernard Saint
Chrys Salt
Clare Saponia

Partha Sarkar
Kevin Saving

Eduard Schmidt-Zorner
James Scully
LB Sedlacek
Anthony Seidman
Sam Silva

Ken Simpson
Fiona Sinclair
Ron Singer
George Slone
Barry Smith
Benjamin Smith
Ian C. Smith
Felino Soriano
Serena Spinello
Constance Stadler

Derek Stanford
Geoff Stevens
Paul Stevens
Peter Street
Ray Succre
Paul Summers
John Sweet
Hanna Szenes
Laura Taylor
Barry Tebb

Kalyani Thakur
Michael Thorne

Michael Tinarwo
Angela Topping
David Trame
David Trippas
Chris G.

Carrie Viens
Jane Shay Wald
William Walters
Christian Ward
J.S. Watts
Alan Weadick
D.H. Wheatley
Lee Whensley
Julie Whitby

Petra Whiteley

Daniel Wilcox

Ben Willems
Brenda Williams
Gwilym Williams
Richard Wink
Doog Wood
Phil Wood

Abi Wyatt

death of a monster; summa humanitis; from far away; parade of the victims;
on rotting vines; NEW: the only good Muslim is a Good Muslim; public use of reason; most of the war over war
Broken Water
NEW: The Rise of Leviathan
But Poetry is Metal Work, in Fine; The Sheath; Twilight is the Meetest; Heraclitus; Marmorata; In Defense of Dorothy Parker; Rhyme #2: The Thing About Rhyme;
New Age; NEW: Please Don't; On “ethnic cleansing”; Lament; Band Aids
from “station / street”
Doing It For Charity
NEW: Labour Estranged 2010
London Sundays; NEW: The Padre's Prayer
Fear of Birds; Music in the Nursing Home; Clouds; Balloon; A Storm in a Tea-Pot
NEW: The Railings of Government Buildings
South of Spain; Terminal Oil Choice; Quetzaltenango; Force Feeding
Hard Shove into the Void
St George
The Old Water Flows (Стара Вода); The Word Is Not An Apple (Слово — Не Яблуко...); Wolf Berries (Вовчі Ягоди); from Polyissa: Chronicler (Літописець), At Home Again (Знову Вдома)
Bridget; Circle; Last Thursday it was
NEW: Drop
NEW: Blanqui Unknowing Loss
Memory of Me; a different beauty
NEW: Crimson Lady; Italian Retrospective; Blodeuwedd
Myself Starring in Bergman’s Cries and Whispers
Devotions; NEW: The Game
Billionaire; The Liberal; The Forest; NEW: Thesis; Results May Vary
NEW: My eyes; Sleepers; Dissolving; Dry heat; Baby walking
NEW: Enough
Inches Away; Larger Issues; A Thousand Years End; The Welter of the Fragmentary; A Summer's Rage; A Tad Too Far; Gated Neighborhoods & ID Checks; Antique or Junk; Slight Inclines; Never So Incisive; Getting It Right; Start Over; Slackening But Not Impatient; Time Slots; Acceptance; Rhetoric for the Ordinary; Crickets, Robins and Flies; For All Those Whom Gustav Klimt Painted: Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Emilie Floge, Mada Primavesi, Fritza Riedler, Unnamed Models, Et Al.; However Desperate No Longer Quiet; And a Fitful Wind; NEW: Indolent Interlude
mobile canto; remember red; momentum
Three Views of Old Baltic Prisons; Sacrifice; Communion; NEW: Film Poems
Beyond This Point Lie Demons; Good Catholic Girl–Circa 1950; Teaching Demons to
Sand; Above Beauchief Abbey; The Citadel; Jazz at the Alcazar; NEW: Keller in Hollywood
NEW: People; Occupy the Churches; I Am Chavez
New Model Poetry
NEW: The Words
Closing Time; Plastering; Portraiture; Margaret; NEW: The Day the Letters Burnt
Of the Windswept Umbrella
Squatter; The Market
Madam Oil
Memories and Greeting Cards
just how it is; Abandoned: Mogolinio Children’s Institute, Bulgaria; Emperor Dragonfly; Dandelion; All good things...; The Bigger Issue; Mount wood pond; Midnight Refugee; A glass or two at the weekend; A Change of Perspective; NEW: Spring at Hopesay; Edison
NEW: Quantitatively Eased
NEW: The Girls on my Street
NEW: Numerous Blue Notes
Clandestine; Homage to Aung San Suu Kyi: Orchid; Capital Ground; Vaccines; Kevin Heaton; NEW: Stones 
NEW: Sand Dog; Surplus; Sophie; The Youngest Son; Housewife 49 Revisited; The Haul
Modern Love
And Every Breath A Test
NEW: For The Kings of This World.../ Die Könige der Welt sind alt... (Rilke); The Outlier; Lines Written In Spain’s Baza National Park; A Success of Sorts; Rage Against Those Who Sow Despair; One Who Can No Longer Play The Game
Parity - NHS; NEW: Election Day; Tour de Grace
NEW: Marcus Aurelius on the Poetry Reading; A Piercing; Horace Ode Xxv Flip-Gendered; Marcus Aurelius in Luton Airport Meditates
NEW: Lost; The Shadow Knows; What can a poem do at times like these?
A Market for Adhesives; for England; The Uneventful; the pacifist Pacifist; Illegal Illness; Finger-Mouse; Waste Disposal; Tahrir – Before the Tambourines
NEW: I do not wish such victory
Dog Otter; Ex-Patriot; Gordon Brown; Death of a Hedgehog; Autumnal; Headland; Directions; False Spring; No Equinimity; Six Epigrams; Walking in a Pinter Hinterland; Baby Blues Ballad; Public Safety Announcement; This Is Not Depression; Lonely Guy; Pro PatriaRejection Villanelle; NEW: Blair Acrostic; Sonnet for Lost Innocence
NEW: Bergen Belsen; Drowned in the Danube; During the Blitz
NEW: All That Is Solid
The Headache Room
Two Allegiances; The Trilobite
Judas as the Silver Messiah; In the Lonely Winter of This Strange Nation; The Voices of Christian Men Out There; Quick Mart Evangelicals; For All the May Day Fools; Beneath the Sacred Marble; Children of a Different Yule; Waking Up to Haiti; Song Of The Private First Class; Unto the Third Generation; Jesus Dies on a Park Bench Somewhere; A Different Kind of Judgement; What the Shy Coward Thinks of Evening; The Educated Spirit; In A Building Where Appointments Are Made; China; Muses of Infinity; The Litter of the Abandoned; Modern Melodies in China; For All of Our Soft Drink Nihilisms; The Virgin Plans Her Abortion; The New American Century; The Anexoric Christian; The Art and All of its Glory; The Romantics; All of These Too Young Crosses; A Symphony for the New World; MONEY; Illness; Things Becoming Academic; On the Safer Side of Madness; Valuing the Soul; The Music of the Soul;
Words As A Strange Religion; Dream Land; Like a Tired Child at the Circus; Two Things That Never Change; Lovers; Whitman's Babylon; End of a New South Story; Crosses Made of Plastic; At the Charity Lunch; Three Haiku For The Lonely; The Rise and Fall of Lonely Men;
Prelude To An Oriental Caesar; During My Wild Twenties; The Holocaust of the Many; NEW: Finally Looking Eastward; NEW: Children of An Evil Calling; The Plague
NEW: Anger; The Cost of Constant War
NEW: Satan spends Sunday at a boot sale; Clothed in Memories; Sheffield Steel
NEW: Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts
NEW: Capitalist University; Apostate; A Teaching Philosophy; Mind-Blowing
NEW: Strictly X-factor: The Return of Dirty Den
NEW: Mouth; Fluxoetine Visions; Pond-life; Fish Supper by the Fire; Silk City
NEW: Spirit of Progress; When as a boy; The things we did for money
Painters' Exhalations 21 and 22; NEW: Painters' Exhalations 128, 129 and 131
Recreant Ruler
washing machine; The Slam; Dendrochronology; Connotative Parlay; NEW: Insomniac; Ymdaith
Fields of Knowledge
Home Help; Bugbear: the lost age of the folding pushchair; NEW: Merry Isthmus
The suicide bomber who loved me; Gargoyle
Sheep Inheritance; Selected War Poems
hamstrung; haven; ourobor; NEW: fish quay fugues i, ii & iii; the age of mediocrity
NEW: among the crippled and without grace; Noyes
NEW: The Spark (tr. Thomas Ország-Land)
NEW: when-; we're hiring!
NEW: Right Hand/ Wrong Ink
My First Poem in Three Years; The Vandal; Measures of Science; Reflections on Local Election Day 2014; NEW: Brenda Williams; Your Dying; NEW: Years; The Divine Pity
NEW: Poem number: 33
An Evening on the Roof in Fez; And Suddenly Alone; The Suspect; The Deepest Void;
The End of Necessity; Innocence; On Seeing the Unedited Footage of War; NEW: The July Sun; My Other Eye; The Museum of Antiquities; Lovers’ Corniche (Cairo)
NEW: A Ruthless Man; Running from Homelands
Trapped; Atlantic Whale Fishing; In His Eyes; NEW: First Married Christmas 1933
NEW: It's days like these, you sign on all year for; A country pub back garden
Outside World and Freedom; Tiny Apple; A Certain Surrender; Boxes; Reaching; Aries Ram; Trees Swaying and Swishing Like Plastic Glasses; Smog; NEW: This Nonsense I Began; The Woman Ticking Her Own Clock; Dangling; Trains; Changing of the Guard
Urban Scenery; Dusseldorf
NEW: En Route to Buenos Aires; Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires
NEW: But Woe Unto You Who Are Rich
Rebirth In The Age Of ID Cards; Anthem for Obedient Youth; The Conservative Poets
NEW: Go the Way of Democracy; Ellipsis
NEW: The Workshop
NEW: Desecration (empty pages)
Mute Darkness (i.m. Derek Stanford); The Colours That You Bring; "The Big Issue";
NEW: An Oriental Eye; Rotting Fabrics; Holy Rose; Lights
The Hours; Communion Switch; Eyes in the ground; The Blackout; NEW: Ars Gratia Artis; Rainsticking
Shell Casings; The Dog's Bite; NEW: a few blasphemies; The Winged Ones; Black Light; Concerning this 500th Anniversary Of John Calvin And his Tongues of Fire
NEW: In Area C
NEW: Words towards an Obituary for Poetry; Untitled; The Closed Door
On the Feldherrenhalle Steps; Attending a Poetry Reading 
Kizza Me; Poker; During the Recession
from Old Men Forget
Accidents Happen At Sainsbury's; Street Theatre; Dowd's Wharf; Pneumoconiosis;
Aberfan; Rainy Day; NEW: Paying for our Heritage; Elysium
NEW: Mother Hubbard’s Lament
Harry's Firm; NEW: The Great British Ritual; Kate Sharpley