Poetry A-L

NEW: Compos Mentis
A Small Service; Take a Deep Breath
NEW: Arcadia
Devillish Interruption of Mass; Short; Cafe 18
In The Hospice; Sectioned: Hospital Poems; The Welshman Singing Alone in Town
Splinters; A Prayer for the Loners; In the Department of Poetry; Marsden Rock; 55 Degrees North; Tell Me Lies about Northumberland; Peterlee; Sounds In The Night; Naked; Wallace's Right Arm; So Don't Come To My Funeral; Poem for a Local Historian; Folk Song for Thomas Spence; An Oubliette for Kitty; Fat Man Lodged On Dog Leap Stairs; For 'Cuny'; NEW: Museum of the History of the Revolution Moncada Barracks; Cuba, Crocodiles, Rain; Image of Che Guevara
The Quercy Cross
NEW: from The Electric Chair Poems: Penalty; Death Power
Seymour; Popcorn
Office 4
Lost in the Land of Plenty
NEW: The Praise Singer; Blackthorn; Goss Moor; The Wood of the Suicides; The Ontological Argument; Kierkegaard; 25th June 1998
NEW: Waiting Room at the OB-GYN Clinic 
Tattered Child; Tears; NEW: Madrigal
Lost in the Dream; I Will Not Take Tylenol; The Hideous Humans
Immortal; Untitled; To The Cloud Juggler
Red Shift; Cappuccino Smile; Errwood; Home Ground; Red Hill; On Red Hill; El Compañero; Poems 'n' Pints; Lethal Cargo; The Late Abortionist; CITY; CELEBRITY; Aftermath; Brotherhood; Roaring Meg; Enduring Freedom; The Force Be With You; First Signs; Dear Jane; Is Anybody Listening?; On Red Hill (2); Extraordinary Rendition; The Poet Speaks; Consumer Rant; Comic Cuts Bin Laden; NEW: For Tony Benn; September 15th 2011; "Lions Afters Slumber"; Senghenydd; Streetwise; Specials; The Deserted Village
Reading Baudelaire on Sunday; Tango Dancers; Today's Recipe; Alien Existence; The Cicadas of 2004; NEW: Listening to Roy Buchanan's Peter Gunn; NEW: Blackbirds; Footprints; For Salvadore Allende And Pablo Neruda
Levy-tation; Chac-Mool; from The Ram in the Thicket
The Captive's Refrain; Perspective; Ceremony of Glass & Water (Aldrin's Thumb); Incense Angel; Man With Telescope and Mouse; Quadranglehold
NEW: Kenosis
NEW: Disturbed Earth; Insects; Last Words; Armed Love; Died on the Voyage
First Day Back; Usherettes; Street Games; Victorian Whimsy; Chimneys; NEW: Marx in the Park; Retro; Houses: anthropomorphic; Utilitarian; A Brother's Death; Speech Balloon
NEW: Malls; Swastika mission to space; Apogee and Perigee; Fiscal apocalypse
CELEB...CELEB; NEW: In Memory of Josef Herman
This Is Not A Sonnet; A Modern Prelude; November 5th; Late Night Opening; Sarajevo 1914; Thistles
November; Carney
NEW: City Mirrors
Extracts from Sticky: Not So; Southwell Poems; Rotunda; Red Ellen; A Question of History
NEW: The Nation; Queen of All Flowers; Excellent Madman; Amsterdam Wide Dreams
NEW: Walking to Russia; Recall; August
NEW: Japan in April; To the uncaring
NEW: Lilac
NEW: Whiskey bright betrayer –killer of time; You appear to have regained my senses; I’m ready for someone spoiled on lust and looks
Anatomy of Migration
NEW: Marital masquerade
Dianysus' Indecent Poem
Civil War sequence: Start; Early (Bloody) Incursions; Practical; Return to Violence;
Instruction; Defeat; Burning the Land; In Chains; The Leader Seeks to Retire; NEW: No Mercy; Stand-Off; In This Light
Not to breathe...
Alchemical Eyes; Nihilist Eurythmics; NEW: Sweet Dreams; Clippings; Mosquitoes; Nostalgia
Genocide; NEW: Elegies to the Spanish Republic
NEW: The Germans’ Mercenaries (tr. Thomas Ország-Land)
Teachings of a Street Prophet; Junkie Love; A Place Called Afghanistan; NEW: Sleeping; Beetle Bailey’s War; Portrait of Hope
NEW: fifty-one
Evening Song; Flight; The Winding Way; Night Page; The Tower
The Cake; Post-Flood; Exultation; Besiegement; Anaemia; NEW: Uneasy Quartet; 1959+
excerpts from Glaciation: a poem sequence; NEW: Work Horses; Trio; Al Khobar at Night
Ancient History; Snapshuts; English Eccentrics In Love; NEW: Baiting the Barbarians
Our Street; Van of Juveniles
Your Own Light
Up to the Heavens; Brooklyn Siberia
Over the Counter
Irish crossing
NEW: I Beg to Apply for the Post
NEW: The Orkney Ferry; Glasgow
A Neighbour to Wilfred Owen
No Accounting for Waste
NEW: Rooms in an Empty Palace
your photograph in the newspaper; In Afghanistan
Lost Continuum; Mourn Not Her Passing; In Retrospect
NEW: Leaving; Saucepan; Extraordinary Thing
Le Pin Doré; NEW: The City in Mind; The City Discovered; The City Exposed; The City Remade; What Other Thoughts Are Floating?; Curracloe; The House in the Forest; Theatre of the Absurd
Cactus; Dinner Guest; NEW: Family Tree
Chapeau; Insomnia Part II - the Sandman Deserts; Charlotte
Faith-full; Old Grounds; Gazan Candles; House Call; NEW: Ill Wind
NEW: Historiosophy; Alternative Histories
Any Shade of Redundance; Unmined Diamond; Wavering Wand; NEW: Abandoned Notes; Unstruck Match; I Am Arctic; Poppy
Reformation; Charismata; Red-Letter Day; Psalm; Come; unpersonage; unborn; NEW: this town is wrong; Out of your hand; A Front; The Lighthouse; Ash Wednesday Revisited; NEW: Incendiary; Dear Mr Demille
A Man I Once Knew; One Vote for Catastrophe; Survivors' Guilt
Blank; The Piano Man; Downfall; A Losing Game; Your Prayer
A Still Life of Dead Flowers
NEW: Morning Star
In County Derry: 'Masters of War'; The Tree Council; A Poem Cannot Be Graded;
NEW: Slave Currency
June 7th, 1980; M Courtney Soper; March 6th; Number Six; 6 Somerhill Avenue; 1348; To Hartley Coleridge; The Live Things; Cavafy’s Headstone; Obituary Writer; Descended from a Line of Legs
The Ballad of the Poor White Boys
The Patriarch; Stateless; NEW: Instead of a Tombstone; Translation of Miklós Radnóti's War Diary (1935-36) Part 1 and 2
Mother, Edith, at 98; Gingerbread Lady; Harvest Time; Rod Stroked Survival with a Deadly Hammer; Charley Plays a Tune; NEW: I Am Old Frustrated Thought; Rose Petals in a Dark Room
NEW: Apartments; Let There Be Light
NEW: Epitaphs for the Blessed Margaret
Citadel; Tisnikar's Ravens; A Trial of Strength; Beldevere
NEW: In His Memory
NEW: the world lies down on its back
A Theory of Touch
Talking to the Machine; Bane
from Geordie; Green Clock; Walking Without Yeats; 'Nye Bevan Dies'; No Laughing Matter; Dad in the Rain; Breathed It Everyday; Hunga Hunga; NEW: Swan Hunter Cranes
Rain and Earth; Arnhem; For Drummond Allison; Ruby Courage; Lament for a Taliband Land; Driven; The Self-Obsessed; Fury; NEW: In Memoriam Salvador Allende
Outsiders; World on my Shoulders
NEW: Edgemoor Gardens 1958; 30 May 1431
NEW: Still life on a shelf
NEW: The Elopement Note; Love's Tussle; Bouquet of Words; Synopsis of a Courtship; Victims
NEW: Gun; impotence

NEW: Beginning of the Century; Art; Knife a Heedless Heart of the Day; Eyes
NEW: Cento; Winding-Down; Shopping List
The House of Lords; The NHS
NEW: when the boys come home
Breaking In; Ocean Audience (2)
The Silence of the Suburbs; Lunchtime Black; Do What's Good For You
NEW: Terrifying Fruit; Blind Night; Change; The Edifices of Tomorrow