Micheal Tinarwo

A Ruthless Man

Love is not present in his heart, only anger and disaster resides in his path
He feels no care or compassion for his people, rather he is merciless and deceitful
Greed stays in his heart, and he is bemused at his own kingdom falling apart
How can a man be so cruel and unjust?
The cry and anguish of his people does not weaken his heart
For decades his people have been pleading for his mercy
For decades his greed has left his people’s pockets and stomachs empty
Who can stop such a Ruthless man?
Who can intervene and save millions of innocent human beings?
Who can denounce this ruthless man of his thrown?
Like a roaring lion he inflicts fear in the hearts of his people, and takes their belongings for his own.
Fairness does not exist in his kingdom,
Millions have been slaughtered by him and his army for exercising their freedom.
We should unite and do what we can,
To stop this disaster caused by a ruthless Mugabe

Running from Homelands

I am like a bush rabbit that has missed the snares of cruel hunters
My heart is no longer tied to my habitual territory because of fear
Anxiety has dug deep in my arteries and terror is tearing me apart
I am choice-less and now exploring the possibility of dyeing in foreign land
My current jurisdiction is only a ground contaminated with strings of threats
From prohibited freedom of speech to the promiscuity of election swindles
I am a Zimbabwean unwilling to be brainwashed by unwanted old man
I have tasted plenty famines that left my plate of health in deficiency
I watched rich farms disappearing like dew in the morning
As the lazy new land owners behaved like lizards basking in sun
Fertile lands were twisted into a wilderness of void landscapes
Escaping Mugabe’s skeleton needles will turn me into a migrant

Micheal Tinarwo © 2016