Michael Fenton

GUERNICA circa 21st Century

Feet walk on jutted pavements
  heads filled with lasting scars
collateral destruction by the carnage displayed

Battle zones marched by foreign boots
  fire on a blink – friend or foe
the ‘gods’ claim absolution

Wall graffiti in blood
  acerbity of putrefied flesh
vultures hunched in satiety

Frozen frames recorded in archives
  mortuary remains after autopsies
probed for reasons of concealment

The innocent stand in rows
  by empty graves ready to seed
a harvest of scythed cadavers

Hyenas, moon circled, bay their dismay
  their excrement valued by gold worship
the earth trod in quicksand oblivion

Shards of stained glass windows pierce beliefs
  deities showed no concern
the cleavage of self regard exposed

Michael Fenton © 2007