Kevin Saving

This Is Not Depression

No. This is not 'depression' - the nightmare
miasma which infects each waking thought
with reparation's price: the limb we've caught
and must gnaw through to free us from the snare.
And THIS is no 'Depression'. We declare
our markets 'weak', watch dividends 'decay'.
Our grandparents knew 'Hardship' in their day:
they would not think their world, and ours, compare.
We've fiddled whilst Rome burnt - we didn't care -
('Adversity's Old Serenade'). Our chins
are double, and they wedge cracked violins.
No: this is not 'depression''s 'despair'.

Lonely Guy (The Gorilla)

I saw him, years ago, in London zoo.
He sat forlornly, grizzled by old-age
(most thought him all but 'senile' by that stage)
and, for a fleeting moment, just us two -
no crowds nearby. One fractious urchin who
had planned to goad him into primal rage
(yes, me - young then); one silverback; a cage -
with neither party 'prepped' for interview.
How many faces had those dark eyes seen
flit passed across that O-so-short divide?
Some six months after this, it would've been,
I'd read - in mock-obituaries - that he'd died,
but for those seconds (what can such things mean?)
eyes met in recognition...and he sighed.

Kevin Saving © 2009