Jan Bradley


Immortal in split second – a moment kept
Alive on paper - so dear
To one who was not there - but here
Looking into a window of the past
Deeply trailing every line - light and shade
Imagining the resonance of her voice - her scent
The touch of fabric
A growing smile - a glance towards me
Connecting - unfolding - aware
This painting with light
Drawn in through the camera's eye
And an eye behind the camera - who knew
What was on the other side of the door
Above the hearth
Beneath the apron
In the gesture - mind and heart
Set in amber
This woman etched - by daylight
Exposed - developed‚ fixed.


Elevated by distorted shoulders
Tag along like a lamb -
Weave behind the boulders
My head's above water - looking down to his feet
So remote in their isolated - unshakable beat
Stifle a thought, inhibit a sound
Hold back the tears
And look to the ground
Hide everything - ensure no one knows you
Including your fears - conceal them from all view.
Make light of the darkness
Benign and humane
Though cut off and matchless - a distance remains
Closeness too is suffering now
Fall with the next step - or soar from the bough.

Jan Bradley © 2008