James Mirarchi

The Animator

A cartoonist couple lives
in a black-and-white tenement
among the monochromatic cockroaches
and the venom of their satire.

A disabled little girl lives
across the hall
laughing with joy.

Her mother
buys her ice cream and toys
and ministers to her
with an I.V. of love.

They pass by
the couple’s apartment
emitting under their door
an aerosol of pure light.

the depressed cockroaches
turn poignantly pink
and go scuttle to help the homeless.

When the cartoonist couple
gets a whiff of this aerosol
they too are transmogrified:

they swap their cynical comic panels
for a pastel optimism.

this aesthetic is also abandoned
for the couple starts to feel
like the ultimate hacks
devoid of integrity.

They soon move away
into another tenement
(a super nasty one!)
to rekindle their edge

… and end up living “happily” ever after ….

James Mirachi © 2012