Felino Soriano

Painters' Exhalations 21
after Paul Cezanne's The Card Players

Tandem of wit, intellectual jousting
assaulting the throat of
adequate mistakes. Stares
of stones' bodies buried
within the cold of dirt's
deepened pockets—

leave the cards' kingdom
long enough only to proclaim
a winning lover, blood
licked by flipping cards

and the healing, ego and wound
bound by name ripening
atop the vines of the next
wishful hand.

Painters' Exhalations 22
after Joseph Mallord William Turner's
Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight

Regimented dome of dust
bodies floating in sporadic
parallels with moon's planted
stalks of light. Needed augments,
workers' rose-tipped torches
forming necessary eyes and
tattooed images atop
the rivers' expanded belly. Coals'
shape of miniature nights
symbolize a more accurate
deposit of light's delineated
death before a darkness hinders
elastic vision, the needed for work
to be ascertained as complete. Some
afraid of being employed in such
experimental light:
ships lead by reason and leash,
landing where lighted hands
more easily dismantle a brand
of darkness, related to the noon
sun's copasetic rising.

Felino Soriano © 2009