“Hyperbolic responses” to the DWP’s Policy Paper, ‘A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Sick and Disabled From Being a Burden to Their Country…’

Blank defends Blank after he likens DWP cuts to the disabled to efforts of Nazi dictator

Blank: “Hitler and various people tried this out. The DWP work capability assessments and disability cuts is an attempt to do this by different methods.”

Blank has backed Blank’s claim that the DWP has the same goal as Hitler in trying to wipe out the sick, disabled, mentally ill, those unfit for work and those deemed “economically unproductive”, despite the DWP branding the comments “offensive and desperate”.

The former Blank drew criticism on Saturday after making the link between the DWP and the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in a newspaper interview. While Blank acknowledged the DWP was using “different methods” to the Nazis (e.g. benefit cuts, sanctions, rigged assessments and the bedroom tax), his incendiary comparison quickly enraged government supporters.

In an interview with the Sunday Torygraph, Blank, seen as the de facto leader of the No to Assisted Dying Coupons for the Disabled campaign, said the past 2,000 years of European history had been dominated by doomed attempts to eugenically or administratively cleanse the physically and mentally unfit, to reinvent the more brazen practice of the Ancient Greeks and Romans who routinely abandoned disabled children on cliff tops to the mercy of the elements.

“Draco, Caligula, Nero, Domitian, Commodus… Hitler, from the Spartans to the Nazis, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically. The DWP is attempting to do this by different methods,” Blank said.

“But fundamentally, what is lacking is the eternal problem, which is that there is no underlying moral argument for justifying the scientific logic of eugenics policy for the incapacitated. There is no single argument that anybody respects or understands. That is causing this massive moral void.”

Blank, the former work and pensions secretary, said Blank’s interview was “an abomination”.

Condemning Blank’s “slandering” of his time as head of the DWP and architect of the toxic bedroom tax, and use of “historical parallels”, Blank said: “He talked about this idea that somehow I was responsible for driving some kind of eugenics policy against the sick and disabled for purely economic purposes. This is untrue: I’ve done so out of a deep sense of compassion. It might not be ‘politically correct’ to broach this, but if we’re all honest with ourselves, there does need to be some sort of final solution to the perennial societal problem of malingering incapacity. That’s partly why I contracted Atos Solutions to carry out the work capability assessments: the clue is in the name!

“It’s a historical fact of life that if you go through Lloyd-George, Keir Hardie, Attlee, Bevan, Corbyn, everyone else … I think the whole process of trying to support the sick and disabled through the welfare state and a bureaucracy of bleeding hearts is just prolonging the agony, that we as humanity just have to get to grips with the problem of over reproduction of the crippled and mentally afflicted and conflate it through legislation with a reciprocal chronic under consumption among such groups which will inescapably but necessarily wipe them out for their own good”.

Responding to the comments, the current work and pensions secretary, Blank, said: “Disability campaigners might have won the moral argument but they are losing their economic compass.

“After the second world war, the welfare state helped to perpetuate the economically unproductive longevity of the sick and disabled, trapping the crippled in a vicious life cycle which was of no benefit to them or to anyone else, and was copied in social democracies across Europe. But for Blank to make the comparison between the DWP cuts to disability and the Nazis is deeply offensive: the Nazis wiped the sick and disabled out for pure hatred and expediency, we are wiping them out from a sense of compassion…”

[This is the editor’s attempt at a satirical comment on a very real scandal of today: the Tory government and DWP’s remorseless pursuit of cuts to disability benefits via the medically illegitimate Atos and Maximus work capability assessments. The piece is a direct parody of an article published in The Guardian reporting on Iain Duncan Smith’s backing of Boris Johnson’s risible comparison of the EU with Hitler’s attempt to conquer the Continent, during a tub-thumping speech for the “Brexit” Vote Leave campaign: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/may/15/boris-johnson-likens-eu-to-nazi-superstate. This piece is not intended to cause offence to anyone other than the culprits of this nation’s despicable welfare policies towards the sick, disabled, mentally ill and unemployed in general: this Tory government, but most notably, Iain Duncan Smith. The sheer self-obliviousness and hypocrisy of someone with Duncan Smith's reprehensible record in politics in terms of architecting malicious welfare 'reforms' designed to sanction, punish and penalise the sick and disabled of this nation -policies for which he has acquired such epithets as "Nazi" and inspired oppositional campaigns such as the Black Triangle- to back up Johnson's absurd remark about the EU being like Hitler, really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and it was this intervention from IDS that triggered this writer's satirical response above. The Nazis stigmatised and then wiped out much of the disabled -IDS's policies have seen over 91,000 disabled claimants DIE within just four years -surely that is more eligible to be called Hitlerian except through "different methods" than the EU...?].

Alan Morrison © 2016