Dorina Brândusa Landén


Suddenly my eyes can see everything:
things as they are
the grass and the animals
the air vibrating above the road
the enraged cars.
Showers of vulnerable and irenic people
who will care for the tomorrow’s gardens
will solve the social problems
will start revolutions among the dunes
in this side of the century
where we remorseless love each other.
Over our heads pure banners
or just our skin
under which we are marching
until we become alike one another
legally and ravaging.
Images that heap
up to the edge of the latter
and the most feeble
from the vault of my breath.
The old saying is that over that ancient bridge
the Vikings the Romans the Goths went
terrible with their faces towards the wind
all of them lost in the history
in a legendary time
and they say: go ahead
found your own vein!
At the fourth pillar
I hit my forehead
I remain dizzy
as if time space and I
have collided
and a sudden blow
has separated us.
The horses of night are trotting through my flesh
my heart rate runs
at normal parameters
I deliver empathy feelings words
I exploit myself
working up my life
I vociferate
ignoring the misleading understandings
that my peers do amongst themselves.
What I’m expecting from you?
What I’m expecting from myself
now when I gather
more past than future?
To go further
to walk carefully
not to break my neck
I can’t go back
although I know - for the final
there are further solutions.

Dorina Brândusa Landén ©2013