D.H. Wheatley

Desecration (empty pages)

all these empty pages
collated and solid in hope
worthy inked words would
be dug into them
tattooed forever
with a meaning and purpose
I bought you because I need you
you will be my canvas
in which great ideas will be documented
you came to me lined
with parameters
but I scribbled and tore at your methodical appearance
I ripped you away from your brethren
you are mine
you will always be mine
no one will ever see you again
after I am done with you
I will lock you up like a dirty secret
in desk draws with soulless unpaid bills
and sordid sex mag posters
this is where love letters and personals
have gone in pure
and if ever released
have become a tainted piece of me
withdrawn of any humanity
that is because
it is just a piece of paper

D.H. Wheatley © 2014