Christopher Barnes

Skin And Bones

Long-Gong ™ mute dinner chime
Is the unassuming fat-shrink aid.
(Water stands still in glass.)

Amuse yourself with hours,
Made thin by loitering distractions.
(Aimless plate, droop-safflower.)

Minus remorse.

High-Rise Frolics

Now-You-See-It ™ by Quickrope
Inevitably delivers.
(Rhumba Avenue in unsullied towels.)

Procure our flash-gape, creep-shut
Washroom roller blinds
For the EXHIBITIONIST in you.
(Magnifying glass, soap dish, bubbles.)

Rouse those opposite
With and eyeful that wiggles.

Black Widow ™ Lipstick

Neutral tint, unbouqueted
For jolly nights.
(Grinning chump at dinner table.)

Blended with venom,
99.9% pledged
Wedlock-repelling trait.
(A slack-phosphorescent lamp.)

Before swerving your vital principles,
Close in on fangs, tenderly growl
Into the nerve of monogamy.

Greenwich ™ Perfumes

Happening, innovative –
The aroma of boiled cabbage
For Sunday dinners transcended.
(Wickerwork table, chairs, miscellaneous roses.)

Superlative with juiceless pea beads,
Lacquered sprout eardrops.
(Prim waiter, roast chicken.)

Be the aura!
Emit the occasion! Create memories!

Hatchful Ranges ™ Deliver

Cored-out frosted apple beakers –
Get splashy with the new look.
(Eye-patch, tache, bronze face.)

Upgrades the flavourings of spurious ciders
Or mineral waters for nourishing days.
(Five straws in exquisite vase.)

Cut a dash in those lifestyle preferences,
Dream up a ‘very you’ future.

Christopher Barnes © 2017