Christopher Hall

The Orkney Ferry

bilge water
fire-flaming war horse
Flee ridden rat carrier

from Glasgow I can see,
a pixel perfect bay
rolling to the salty blasted sea
a treeless paradise
blank canvas
never settling
never the slide
never the city’s long subside

you are sunlit
breaking through the clouds
as the rain moves quickly,
to settle anywhere else

city bound
I dream of hot blood and fresh ashes
city bound
i belch cod Latin
dreaming Acheron
and the feet of Cassius
and Dante and Lucifer’s frozen legs

the flash of a swifts wing
is lit by the slow setting sun
and holds on the edge of a precipice
towards a never again dark night


In Glasgow it rained
And all her first month she burrowed-in deep
As grit to the corner of a great eye
Living leaking pipes and holes in the wall
As the building joined with the weather to
Keep her clothes damp and a cough on her chest

In Glasgow it rained
And all her first month she clung to two rooms
Winding towels round pipes
tuffing paper in the cracks
As the city blinked day and night
And the sky tried to wash her to the sea

Christopher Hall © 2012