S. Chandramohan

Close cousin of the vulture.
Imperial bird of prey.
Munches on the corpses of retailers.
Green eyed too
a petrodollar
fueled tornado
engulfs the third world like Tsunami.

Swastika mission to space
When there is no
Unoccupied sky left
To launch a space shuttle of peace
A rocket with an emblem of swastika
Will cruise without any ceasefire
To the limitless boundaries of space .

The barren space
no air
no water
no life
no cries amidst the rubble.
The world of loss is expanding.

S. Chandramohan © 2014

Apogee and Perigee

A small rocket shaped
Piece of mud from the moon
a clay model of space shuttle,
it is pointless to collect souvenirs.

The perigees of the satellites
Were all above the poverty line.
The satellite image of impending
Drought and cyclone
absent from the apogee of the newspaper replaced
by a glitzy ad

Fiscal Apocalypse

Skyscrapers of cascaded credit
Meltdown in the heat of global warming
Cholesterol of the rubble
Chokes the arteries and veins
Cardiac arrests
Seismic seizures
Tsunamis of rising sea level
Washing away lifetimes of toil.

S. Chandramohan © 2014