Come, bustle, bustle; caparison my horse — Shakespeare, Richard III

Welcome to The Recusant's print and e-book imprint, Caparison. The choice of name is intended to convey variety of subject and style; poetry which demonstrates a love of language in combination with a strength of subject; poetry which is unconstrained by fashionable trappings, taking its own individual course; the kind of non-conformist poetry of the new Recusant School: the wide diversity of writing styles and subjects that our webzine has promoted since its inception, partly in response to what many poets today perceive as an increasingly prosaic mainstream. Caparison will operate intially on a commission basis. You can download samples from the e-books below by double-clicking on the cover images. Should the sample poems whet your appetites, you can then purchase the full e-books via Paypal by double-clicking on a Buy link under it. Once your payment is received, you will receive the e-book by email. Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions are recommended for opening the ebooks.

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