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Vinita Agrawal Dances with The Cranes - G.D. Bakshi (Sharada, 2004)
Brian Beamish Waters of the Night - Howard Mingham (Caparison, 2010)
Norman Buller Wondering About Many Women - Derwent May (Greenwich
Exchange, 2011)
Leon Brown   The Selfish Capitalist: Origins of Affluenza - Oliver James
Spirit of '45 - Ken Loach (2013)
NEW: Peterloo - Mike Leigh (2018)
Felix Cassiel NEW: Liberties - Victoria Bean (Smokestack Books, 2017)
NEW: Terrace - Richard Skinner (Smokestack Books, 2015)
NEW: New and Selected Sorrows - Goran Simić (Smokestack Books, 2015)
NEW: If The Symptoms Persist - Francis Combes, tr. Alan Dent (Smokestack, 2018)
Alan Corkish    Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 10th Anniversary Anthology
R.G. Foster The Meaning of the Shovel - Martin Espada (Smokestack, 2014)
Judith Kazantzis' Sister Invention (Smokestack, 2014)
Graham Fulton's One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich
and Paul Summers' primitive cartography (Smokestack, 2014)
Jen Hadfield     Dancing With Big Eunice - Alistair Findlay (Luath Press, 2010)
Geoffrey Heptonstall Write Me into Bed with Casanova Craft - Fiona Sinclair
(Original Plus)
John Horder   So I Have Thought of You - The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald
     Lost Voices - Rosemary Tonks (Radio 4)
    When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron (Element HarperCollins)
    Grub Street Irregular - Jeremy Lewis (The Harper Press)
    Two Cures for Love - Selected Poems (1979-2006) - Wendy Cope (Faber) 
    Towards the End of the Morning - Michael Frayn (Faber, 2009)
    Rowan's Reign: biography of Archbishop (Hodder & Stoughton, 2009)
Simon Jenner   Sidney Keyes - Collected Poems (Carcanet)
Steve Mann     Stained Glass - Sally Richards (Survivors' Press)
James Morrison   Selective Seventies - Dominic Sandbrook's The 70s (BBC2, 2012)
  Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters
Alan Morrison     The Magnificent Twelve: Anthology of Gregory Fellows (Sixties Press)
       Mavericks by Gwilym Williams
     The London Magazine October/November 2007
    A Shadow in Yucatán by Philippa Rees
    Genteel Messages by Gwilym Williams (Poetry Monthly Press, 2008)
      amazement - Creative Futures (QueenSpark, 2009)
    Bedlam by Catharine Arnold (Simon & Schuster, 2008)
    Austerity Britain - David Kynaston (Bloomsbury, 2007/08)
    Patterned language of the real - Andy Croft's Sticky (Flambard, 2009)
     The Night Shift - Poetry of The Night (Five Leaves Publications, 2010)
     The Wrong Jarrow - Tom Kelly (Smokestack, 2007/9)
     Glaciation - James Fountain (Poetry Monthly Press, 2010)
     Pessoa - A Vision - Simon Jenner (Perdika Editions, 2010)
    A Scattering - Christopher Reid (Arete, 2009)
    A New Waste Land - Michael Horovitz (New Departures, 2007)
    For The Inquiry - Nigel Mellor (Dab Hand Press, 2010)
     Here Is Some of the New Political Poetry
  A Stack of Smokestacks part one: N.S. Thompson; Betteridge et al.
  A Stack of Smokestacks part two: Victoria Bean; Andrew Jordan
    Saponia's Olympia debut and a CypressBooks Alan Britt
  Dreams of the Caucasus - Norman Jope (Shearsman, 2010)
  Dancing With Big Eunice - Alistair Findlay (Luath Press, 2010)
  1948 - Andy Croft (Five Leaves Publications, 2012)
    The Hollow Crown: Richard II (BBC2, 2012)
    The Hollow Crown: Henry IV Part 1 and 2 (BBC2, 2012)
    Scamp - Roland Camberton (Five Leaves/New London Editions, 2010)
Light Shining in Middlesbrough (Part 1) Smokestack/ Mudfog reviews
Light Shining in Middlesbrough (Part 2) Smokestack reviews
Hegemonick by Andrew Jordan (Shearsman, 2012)
A Field In England, Film4 2013
Red Hill - Peter Branson (2013)/ Getting On - Alexis Lykiard (2012)
Illusion & Austerity/ Verses in an Advertising Culture
The Innocents (1961)
Barkin'! - Mike Jenkins (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2013)
Yoke and Arrows - Rob Hindle (Smokestack, 2014)
Jolly Roger - Keith Howden/ Oswald's Book of Hours - Steve Ely
(Smokestack, 2012/ 13)
Romiosini - Yiannis Ritsos/ Crisis - 30 Greek Poets on the Crisis,
ed. Dinos Siotis (Smokestack, 2014)
Who are the English? Selected Poems 1935-1981- Jack Lindsay
(Smokestack, 2014)
Cut Flowers–Selected Poems 1964-2015 - Barry Tebb (Sixties
Press, 2015)
A Bumper Smokestack Review Part 1 -Saponia, Berger
A Bumper Smokestack Review Part 2 -Colley, Hodgeon
Footprints - Peter Blackman (Smokestack, 2013)
Your Call Keeps Us Awake - Rocco Scotellaro (Smokestack, 2013)
Occupied City - Paul van Ostaijen (Smokestack, 2016)
I, Daniel Blake (Ken Loach, 2016)
Slave Songs and Symphonies - David Betteridge (Culture
Matters/Manifesto Press, 2016)
Kaleidoscope - Bruce Harris (Artificium, 2017)
Barry Tebb Collected Poems 1964-2016 (Sixties Press, 2016)
Between Stations - Andy Willoughby (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Leásungspell - Bob Beagrie (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Paul Bunyan - Larry Beckett (Smokestack Books, 2015)
Brandon Pithouse - John Seed (Smokestack Books, 2016)
Letters to Randall Swingler - Andy Croft (Shoestring Press, 2017)
Sofa Surfin - Mike Jenkins (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2017)
Citizens - Ian Parks (Smokestack Books, 2017)
To Provide All People - Owen Sheers (BBC Wales)
NEW: Roma - Bernard Saint/ First Fleet - Michael Crowley (Smokestack, 2016)
NEW: There Will Be No Miracles Here - Stephen Sawyer (Smokestack, 2018)
NEW: Dear Refugee - Amir Darwish/ Slow Burner - Fiona Sinclair (Smokestack)
Philippa Rees   On Chesil Beach by Ian McKewan - an alternative view*
Dave Russell Tomas Transtroemer – New Collected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2011)
NEW: Amputated Souls - The Psychiatric Assault on Liberty 1935-2011,
Anthony James (Imprint Academic, 2013)
NEW: Wendy Young's The Dream of Somewhere Else (Survivors, 2016)
NEW: A Lonely Man Circling the Earth - Stevie James (Leeds Survivors Press, 2017)
NEW: On James Joyce
NEW: Gift – God Runs Through All These Rooms by Duane Voorhees
(Hog Press, 2020)
Philip Ruthen     O Resplandor by Erin Moure (House of Anansi Press, 2010)
Out Is The Word (The Word Is Out, SHARP, 2012)
Open Season - Sally-Ann Murray
       Help Us Somebody - The Demolition of the Elderly - Bob Dumbleton
  Sally Richards - Emperor Dragonfly (Caparison, 2011)
Jaydeep Sarangi NEW: Nathalie Buckland - Shards & Figments (Australia, 2013)
Kevin Saving    NEW: John Carey, Bernard Cornwell, Nigel Mellor, Henry Marsh
NEW: BBC Poetry Weekend 30.9-1.10.17
NEW: A Quiet Passion (2016)
NEW: Farley & Symmons Roberts' Deaths of the Poets (Cape, 2017)
NEW: Daniel Swift's The Bughouse (2017)
NEW: The Poet's Tale – Chaucer and the Year that Made the Canterbury
Tales - Paul Strohm, (2014)
NEW: Ted Hughes – The Unauthorised Life, Jonathan Bate (2015)
NEW: Poetry Notebook / Sentenced To Life - Clive James (Picador)
Wilfred Owen - Guy Cuthbertson (Yale University Press, 2014)
Four Smokestacks and a Joker: MacMillan, Leonard, Skinner,
Plummer and Iannaco
Three new palaeoscriptologies of poems:
  'Journey of the Magi' by T.S. Eliot
  'To Lucasta, Going To The Wars' by Richard Lovelace
  'Ozymandias' by Percy Bysshe Shelley
    Philip Larkin - Poems, Selected by Martin Amis (Faber, 2011)
  Desperanto - Mike Wilson/The Limerickiad - Mark Rowson (Smokestack)
  Strange Meetings -The Poets of the Great War (Chatto & Windus, 2010)
   Family Values - Wendy Cope (Faber, 2001)
  Lives Like Loaded Guns - Lyndall Gordon (Virago, 2011)
    The Big Idea by Antony Archdeacon (AuthorHouse, 2008)
  Poetry chapbooks from Jan Bradley, Tom Jayston, Mary O'Dwyer,
Peter Street 
   The Poetry of Sam Silva Volume 3 - Selected Poems 2008-2009
    The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker (Simon & Schuster, 2009)
    Identity Parade - ed. Roddy Lumsden (Bloodaxe, 2010)
  District and Circle - Seamus Heaney
    The Ode Less Travelled - Stephen Fry
    Against Oblivion - Ian Hamilton/ The Great Modern Poets - Michael
    52 Ways of Looking at a Poem - Ruth Padel
    Look We Have Coming To Dover! - Dalgit Nagra (Faber)
  The Spoken Word Poets (CD)
      The Lodger - Shakespeare on Silver Street - C. Nicholl
    On Chesil Beach - Ian McKewan*
      Remembrance and other poems - Gary Beck
    Wendy Cope, Two Cures for Love - Selected Poems 1979 - 2006 (Faber)
    Young Stalin - S. Montefiore (Weidenfeld & Nicholson,2007)
    Losing Henry and other stories - Ezra Williams (Sixties Press, 2007)
    Who Murdered Geoffrey Chaucer? - Terry Jones (Methuen)
      Forever and Anon - ed. Gerry Hanson (JR Books, 2007)
    Milton - Poet, Pamphleteer and Patriot (Anna Beer; Bloomsbury, 2008)
    The Man Who Went into the West - Byron Rogers (Aurumn, 2006)
      The Bard - Robert Burns, A Biography, R. Crawford, (Cape, 2009)
      Poe: A Life cut Short, Peter Ackroyd, (Chatto & Windus, 2008)
      Sacred Blue - Mia Hart-Allison (Visionar Tongue Press, 2008)
    A Victorian Class Conflict? Dr J. T. Smith (Sussex Academic Press, 2009)
    Stepping Stones - Interviews with Seamus Heaney (Fabers, 2008)
    Words That Burn/ Catching Life by the Throat - J. Hart (Virago 2006/08)
    The Cinder Path - Andrew Motion (Fabers, 2009)
    Bundle O' Tinder - Rose Kelleher (Waywiser, 2008)
    A Walk Around The Lakes - Hunter Davies (Frances Lincoln, 2009)
      Thomas Hardy - Selected Poems (ed. Tim Armstrong; Pearson, 2009)
    The Quickening Maze - Adam Foulds (Jonathan Cape, 2009)
    Writing Poetry (Pan Macmillan, 2009)
    Sticky - Andy Croft (Flambard, 2009)
    Angels Over Elsimore/ Opal Sunset - Clive James (Picador, 2008)
    O the Windows of the Bookshop Must Be Broken - David Kessel
  Collected Poems 1970-2006 (Survivors' Press, 2006; 2nd edition 2010)
     The Stalin Epigram - Robert Littell (Duckworth Overlook, 2009)