Arjun Dahal

To My Cigarette

A kiss to the lips,
With the rush of palpable breath
Eternal tranquillity you possess,
Everytime I hold you.
Then, a short pause
And a panting,
To kiss again.....
In a loop....
Now, we must quit,
Before, it ruins us both.
We are half burned,
But, will the memories conflagrate?

The solitude of wisdom

He told the candle,
"We must burn ourselves,
The light divides the darkness.
The scorn they painted
Vile and frozen
Now chafes beneath the veins.
The prophet's dream they sang
For a profit on the street
Now immures us in between the sinister and dexter.
The votive shadow lies vacuous,
And the spirits of angels
Belauds us with the intoxicating prelude,
Counting the souls for sale.
O my friend
We must be cremated,
To be new and pristine.
Unfathomable burdens must be dropped,
There's still a long road to walk."

Arjun Dahal © 2017